? 0.1mm~10mm线材扭转试验机出口北美地区HRJ Metal Wire Torsion Tester


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0.1mm~10mm線材扭轉試驗機出口北美地區HRJ Metal Wire Torsion Tester

作者 Ming 瀏覽 發布時間 19/08/13
0.1mm~10mm線材扭轉試驗機出口北美地區HRJ Metal Wire Torsion Tester  
0。1mm~3。0mm鋼線材扭轉試驗機;3mm~10mm高強鋼線材扭轉試驗機;UTS 115ksi高強鋼線材扭轉試驗機;UTS 0。087"高強鋼線材扭轉試驗機;HRJ Tester;UTS 330ksi高強線材扭轉試驗機;UTS 0。315"高強線材扭轉試驗機;1083MPa鋼線材扭轉試驗機;2275Mpa鋼線材扭轉試驗機;;0。207"硅鉻合金線材扭轉試驗機;5。2578mm硅鉻合金線材扭轉試驗機;0。268"琴用鋼絲扭轉試驗機;6。8072mm琴用鋼絲扭轉試驗機;1938MPa合金線材扭轉試驗機;1780MPa鋼絲線材扭轉試驗機;1083MPa鋼線材扭轉試驗機;2275Mpa鋼線材扭轉試驗機;1860MPa合金線材扭轉試驗機;HRJ Tester;2。25mm線材高速扭轉試驗機;2。75mm線材高速扭轉試驗機;3。0mm線材高速扭轉試驗機;12mm~18mm鋼線材扭轉試驗機;20mm~30mm棒材扭轉試驗機;HRJ出口型線材扭轉試驗機滿足ASTM A938;ISO 9649:2016;ISO 4101;ISO 7802:2013(E);RR-C-271D;DIN 763;DIN 764;DIN 766;DIN 5685;EN 1047;HRJ Tester;API Spec 5D;API Spec 7K;API Spec 8C;IS0 1704。
Standard Test Method for Torsion Testing of Wire;The complex stress and strain conditions that occur in the sample during the torsion test are sensitive to minor variations in materials;making the torsion test a useful tool in assessing wire ductility under torsional loading;This test method describes the torsion (or twist) testing of metallic wire;The values stated in U.S. customary units are to be regarded as the standard;The SI equivalents of U.S. customary units may be approximate;This standard does not purport to address all of the safety concerns,if any, associated with its use. It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use;
Metal Wire Torsion Tester Control System;Torsion Testing of Wire Control System;HRJ Tester;Metal Wire Torsion Tester;Wire Tensile Torsion Tester;Wire-Simple torsion test;Metallic materials-Wire-Reverse torsion test;Wire High Speed Torsion Tester;Bead wire Torsion Tester;Wire Wrapping Tester;Wire Torsion Wrapping Tester;Steel bar Torsion Tester;HRJ Tester;Fiber Composite Torsion Tester;Core Bar Winding Tester;Metallic Wire Simple torsion test;Wire Reverse torsion test;Drawn steel wire for elevator ropes-Specifications;Steel wire Tensile Torsion Tester;Steel strand Tensile Torsion Tester;Steel for prestressed concrete-Test methods;Bare wires-Torsion test;Steel cord Tensile Torsion Tester;Zinc-coated steel wire Tensile Torsion Tester;Stranded conductors Tensile Torsion Tester;HRJ Tester;Copper drawing stock for electrical purpose;Copper and copper alloys drawing stock for the contacting materials of electric locomotives;Steel wires for elevator ropes;Steel wire ropes for aeronautical use;Copper and Copper-Alloy Contact Wires for Electric Railway;HRJ Tester;Stranded Copper and Copper-Alloy Conductors for Electric Railway;Testing Machines Manufacturer;Mechanics Tester Manufacturer;Tester Service Center;Tester Fittings Supply Center;Material Testing Machine;Various Testing Machines;Laboratory Equipment;Test Accessories Design Manufacture Center;Special Test Accessories Center;China Material Tester;Asia Material Tester;World Material Tester;HRJ Testing Machine;

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